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Photo noir et blanc artistique reflet eau

an aquatic session



First telephone interview

bullshitbirth and define your expectations.  We will mainly talk about you... This will be the time to open up a bit (obviously without obligation) so that I can better understand you and find out what makes you want to do an Underwater shoot. Rest assured, the whole conversation takes place in kindness, respect and non-judgment.

This is an opportunity to do a little introspective work if you feel like it, to express certain things in order to be able to transcribe certain emotions in the images, they will only be richer. It gives substance to the photos. And for the more discreet, water will take care of expressing a multitude of things. She never ceases to amaze me...

We posSo we have several shooting dates as well as one for the fitting appointment.

Firstand meeting

At my home or at your home, we unbox all the outfits to try them on, marvel at the mirror and create impatience.You choisirCheck out the outfits that are most important to you,who represent you, speak to you or simply highlight you the most. You'll see, there's something obvious... 

It's a good excuse to get to know each other a little better, share a little more and establish a climate of trust. 

Realization of un mood board
With all theelements that are now inmy possession,I sketch a visualwith your inspirations, your desires, your colors, ae possible problem or a particular theme that you want to put in image. We adjust the project together to please you. Again, no pressure, if you are not among the most creative, I will guide you in this direction. My imagination and the water will do the rest. For the most inspired, I take all your ideas with great pleasure, I love following you in all your follies. Let loose! 



Aquatic shoot

We throw ourselves into the water!We are ready for this aquatic adventure. The pool is ours. I give you my advice to evolve in the water and take the appropriate poses. According to your requests, we can go from small depths, the heade out of the water, to more adventurous things. It's all about going at your own pace and listening to yourself. Short moments of rest will be necessary if fatigue sets in. Ona 1h30 session, we will have plenty of time to do everything we want without racing. 

Throughout the session, we continue to exchange and I show you live some images to possibly correct a pose. I also guide you throughout the shoot every time you catch your breath. And you don't have to be a prosmallapnea of 10 to 15 secondsare enough. I am responsible for being reactive and immortalizing the moment.


According to your projects,I can call on one or more assistantsto help me in your installation with possible accessories, to relieve you in your movements or for the positioning of the background decorations.

Photo de l'effervesence et euphorie sous l'eau
Photo de dos aquatique en bord de piscine




Photo selection

After downloading the photos and saving them in several copies,I make a first selection of photos by bringing the first treatment.I give you access to it so that you can retain the ones that you like the most and that you want me to edit.

Editing and retouching

It is at this stage thateuthe picture turns out.I cleanse and sublimate it to bring it to its full potential, always following the guiding line you originally emitted. I bring some additional settingsif necessary until your validation of the images. 

Sending digital files
I will deliver the digital files to you ona private galleryeeTo which you will have access to. I will put it online no later than one month after the date of the shoot. You will be able to enjoy your photos and share them with your loved ones.
Prints and prints
If you wish to have physical prints of the photos,I also offer high quality printing services,so you can get prints and frames that bring out the beauty and depth of the images. Whichever you choose, I am committed to providing unique and memorable images, with careful attention to detail and quality.
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